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 Rev. Dr. Seth C. Harris Sr, Pastor

1st Lady Dr. Karen Hayes-Harris

2200 N. 53rd Parallel

Kansas City, KS 66104

(913) 596-2848

St. Andrew

Missionary Baptist


Welcome To St. Andrew

Thank you for visiting our website! Please accept our sincere invitation to join us for a FANTASTIC experience in worship and the Word of God! We know and understand that God is speaking to you. Now is the time to listen and answer Him! He Loves you and wants the best for you. May His Spirit forever shine on you, bringing you great blessings for the future. May God Bless you to be perfect in His Will. 

With Love, 

Pastor, Dr. Seth C. Harris, Sr. 

Your Family & Friends, 

St. Andrew Missionary Baptist Church, KCK.


Upcoming Worship Times


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