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On April 16, 1956, a new life began with the organization of the St. Andrew Missionary Baptist Church with The Reverend D.H. Harris as Pastor.  Because Jesus said, “Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church…” we still stand today.


We have worshipped in many sanctuaries, each one being a little larger and a little better than before, but in February 1978, we moved into a brand new sanctuary at 5300 Parallel Parkway.  Because the Lord has blessed us with 16.7 acres of land, we should never have to move again.


Construction of a new sanctuary began on December 8, 2002 and on February 23, 2003; we marched from 5300 Parallel to 2200 North 53rd Street, our new edifice.  The Dedication Services of the new edifice was held on March 23, 2003.


Through our prayers, we have accomplished many of our goals.  Each year has brought many successes and plans into action.  Our Church has blossomed through our Departments, Auxiliaries, Ministries and their leaders, each supporting the other in all ways.

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